Johnny Manziel Autographed Helmet Sells For $18,000 At Charity Auction



An autographed Johnny Manziel helmet sold for $18,000 last night at a charity auction.

Things are all good right now with A&M football; UT is way down, the Aggies have the Heisman and Mack Brown can’t coach his way out of a paper bag.

Then the school goes out last night and raises some cash at the Houston Coaches Night:

Houston breaks the record for the Aggieland Outfitters Heisman Helmet bids with an $18,000 bid! 5 helmets have now raised over $73,000 for Aggie scholarships!

And, of course, there was an “Us against the world” attitude.

“Johnny signed it as a donation to help Texas A&M students pay for their education. But no, it wont make the news,” said the Aggieland Outfitters Facebook account.

That’s an interesting statement since Johnny only raised millions during his Heisman campaign via clothing sales and corporate donations. That campaign was only fueled by the horrible national media. A&M estimates (THE SCHOOL ESTIMATES) that Manziel’s season generated $37 million in media exposure.

But, I digress.

Johnny did a great thing by signing a football helmet.

Picture 2


‏@Nickcolvin13 says his family went a little nuts at the event and dropped some serious cash on the helmet  and a Ring Wrap.


[Aggieland Outfitters – Facebook]

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