Val Keil, Playboy’s Miss August 2013, Talks Philly Sports Fans, Dating An Athlete & Jorts



Val Keil, Playboy’s Miss August 2013, is prepared for forward guys who want to date a Playmate. The Philadelphia native used to bartend deep inside the heart of the city’s sports complex serving its infamous sports fans.

“Guys would get shit-faced and then try to give you their number,” Keil said from West Hollywood on Friday. “If you can deal with drunk guys there, you can handle anything.”

The 22-year-old graduated from MaST Charter School in 2009. She has served as a bartender at Reedy’s Tavern in the northeast section of Philly, and she did a stint as a Buckle Bunny at XFINITY Live!, the entertainment complex built on the site of the former Spectrum in South Philadelphia.

While Keil is pursuing modeling work and developing a custom line of cowgirl boots, her dream is to be financially stable enough to start a family.

“I know it’s not common anymore, but I’d really love to be a stay-at-home mom…. I want to have a lot of kids and be able to stay with them and raise them.”

Keil talked to us about the Phillies’ 2008 World Series parade, country music fashion and her first night behind the bar.

How much time have you spent in Philly since it was announced that you’d be Miss August? How have your former regular customers reacted?

“I haven’t spent too much time there since the issue came out. Once I was accepted, I flew out to do the shoot, so I haven’t had the chance to hang out…Some people were negative when they heard I was doing Playboy, they said ‘You’re too good for that.’ And then they were like my best friend when the issue came out.”

You’ve been out to the Playboy Mansion. Which athletes and celebrities have been hitting on you? Do you have a funny story about someone that had no game around Miss August?

“I haven’t gotten hit on yet. People at the Mansion aren’t all about coming up to girls and saying ‘Hey baby…’…I have met some people, though. Gene Simmons’ son is really nice. Cooper Hefner, Hef’s son, is great. I met Pauly Shore. He’s always around, and he gave me his number because he runs The Comedy Store. A lot of people from the Mansion go down to see shows there.”

The last Playmate from the Philadelphia area was rumored to have dated former Phillies OF Hunter Pence. Which current Phils, Eagles, Sixers or Flyers would you like to date?

“I don’t fall for the sports guys. No one type of athlete is attractive to me… Out of all of them, probably a hockey player. They seem the most bad-ass.”

You are a Phillies fan. Have you ever been naked at Citizens Bank Park? What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve seen before or during a Phillies game?

“I’ve never been naked in the park, but I worked as a Buckle Bunny at Xfinity (across the street). We only wore ass-less chaps and tiny tops, so that’s like being naked…The parking lots before Phillies games can be crazy, especially when there are fights. It can get bad.”

The entire city went crazy when the Phils won the 2008 World Series. How did you celebrate?

“I’ll always remember that. It was a school day — I was still in high school — but we all had the day off. Me and my friends all took the train into the city. We stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts on the way and got these Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cups so we could carry beer in them and drink on the train… The parade was crazy! People were climbing up on overpasses and hanging out under bridges…. It was an amazing day.”

You — and a lot of other women — love country music. When guys at the country shows rock jorts, is it a turn-off or do they get a pass for playing along?

“No, I don’t like that. If they wore them with style, maybe. Like, if they were ripped or dirty or different, it could be cool. You have to do it right.”

You’ve worked a few service industry jobs. What was the worst/weirdest thing that’s ever happened when you were on the job?

“At Reedy’s, on my first night as a bartender, this regular customer of the bar — an older guy — decided to go into the bathroom, take off all of his clothes and then come out and run around the bar naked as if that was something I wanted to see.…Of course he got flagged, so that was an exciting first night.”

The July/August 2013 double issue of Playboy featuring Val Keil as August 2013 Playmate of the Month is on newsstands and at now.

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