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Eagles Cheerleaders Play Bikini Football, Bucs Cheerleaders “Blurred Lines” & Sanchez Playing Soccer

I’ll just say today that Johnny Manziel has been awfully quiet this week with just a few days remaining before camp starts. I smell one more blowout weekend.

When @JManziel2 goes silent after making his return after SEC Media Days, we smell trouble brewing.

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Eagles cheerleaders playing bikini football

O.J. parole hearing video: “Mother Teresa”

Buccaneers cheerleaders “Blurred Lines”

LOL! Mark Sanchez playing soccer in Mexico

Military guy dunks in boots, fatigues

Nasty MMA Cut of the Day: M. Hamill’s lip

New! Devin Brugman beach bikini pics

44-year-old Christy Turlington is BACK!

Dancing Royals Fan of the Week


Beer Bong of the Day

Picture 1

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