Andrew Bynum Was At The Casino Again Last Night



Here we go again with Andrew Bynum and Dan Gilbert’s Horseshoe Casino in downtown Cleveland.

You might remember yesterday when we showed you Bynum playing roulette and hanging out around what looked like a blackjack table.

Dan’s new hire was at it again last night, switching to the craps table (via @N_LeMaster122) and reportedly snuck in some blackjack action.

The good news here for the Cavs is that this looks like a recreational activity and not to the junkie stage – yet. He’s still playing with the regular working stiffs and not behind red velvet ropes in the high roller room. Also, he doesn’t roll with a crew. If that happens, Dan will have to ban him. Mark my words.

Picture 1

This guy is 23 and doesn’t mention Bynum playing $1k chips, so Dan is still good at this point with his new center.

Picture 2


Have a Bynum gambling story to share? Has Bynum been getting his ass handed to him? Tell us.

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