Redskins Fan Crying Because She Didn’t Get Autograph At Training Camp


BC reader @Seth1216 sent word tonight that a woman named Kimberly Lewis was telling Redskins fans to avoid going to the Richmond training camp facility.

According to Richmond’s CBS6, Lewis contacted them with this video of her crying after leaving camp without a coveted autograph.

Look, we don’t feel the least bit of sympathy for Lewis. The place was full of idiots on the first day and the last thing the team needs to be doing is signing autographs for all 10,000 total who showed up for the morning and afternoon sessions.

Shake it off and come back strong tomorrow, Lewis.

Update: Ms. Lewis got married in April, according to her Facebook account. We’re pretty sure her husband knows what to get her for Christmas. A Rex Grossman autographed football!

Sidenote: Her video has 205 shares and climbing on her Facebook account.


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