NBC Columbus Reporter: Hyde ‘Appeared To Slap The Woman In The Face’


Carlos Hyde NBC Columbus


Just a day after Yahoo Sports said a source told them that Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde didn’t touch a woman inside a Columbus bar, NBC Columbus reporter Mindy Drayer watched the surveillance video from Sugar Bar 2.

And from what Drayer reported last night, things don’t look good for Mr. Hyde.

The video then shows Hyde pointing at the woman’s face, saying something to her, and turning away from the situation. At that point, the video shows the woman batting or swatting at Hyde, but it was unclear if she made physical contact with Hyde.

Drayer reports that Hyde turned back in response, and that he stepped toward her and appeared to slap the woman in the face.

After the contact, the video shows the woman grabbing her face and turning to her friends, Drayer said. The video then shows Hyde leaving the area.

She even diagrammed what she saw with her own eyes. Meanwhile, at the Big Ten Media Day, Urban Meyer said the team was still gathering details. It seems they’ll find the same details as Drayer.

What would Drayer have to gain by lying about what’s on that tape?

Picture 2

Let’s not forget what’s on the wall at the Ohio State football complex.

“Treat women with respect.”

Sounds to us like Ohio State won’t have Carlos Hyde this season.


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