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Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Buddy Surfaces, Tyson Chandler’s Legs & Jews vs. Braun

If you haven’t read the post on Everyday Should Be Saturday re: Big Ten Media Day/The Fugitive, I suggest you take time today. Our old friend Bunkie Perkins, who used to run Friends of the Program, put together one for the ages.

Take Harrison Ford, Clay Travis, a Chicago ballroom and Urban Meyer and you have one helluva plot.

Are you a struggling blogger who could use some free pageviews? Have a post you’ve been busting your ass on that deserves some attention?

Anthony Weiner’s sexting buddy

WTF IS THIS? Tyson Chandler’s legs

Texas A&M bikini model of the day

Jews turn on Ryan Braun

Why is Dan Snyder making this face?

The guy who wanted to kill Nancy Grace

Laura Hollyman elbowbra

Trust me: Barbara Guerra in THIS bikini

With 2 Outs In 9th & Tying Run on Base GIF of the Day


Bacon Porn of the Day

Picture 2

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