Tipster Claims Patrick Kane Acted Like “Ass-tard” At Buffalo Golf Course




You might remember our simple post on Monday when we showed Patrick Kane in an Amish golf hat. His caddie told us that Kaner was a “legend” and the “funniest guy.”

The same caddie wouldn’t give us details on Kaner’s round.

Flash-forward to today when we received a tip via the BC hotline:

That hat is the most uninteresting part of his wannabe frat-boy shenanigans from that day.

Hope this helps your “developing” coverage…He cussed out patron golfers who tried to play through the course when he wouldn’t leave the green with his cronies, littered empties on a beautifully kept golf course, and relieved himself in the backyards of homeowners. Buffalo’s finest in action.

Thankful he’s not a Sabre!

He acted like a complete and total ass-tard on the course that day via plenty of eye-witnesses. National-news worthy…I hate that he’s from Buffalo.

Doesn’t sound like there’s much to this tip because this is Kaner being Kaner. Taking a leak in a yard? Yawn. Throwing empties on a course? Yawn.

Send real tips from Kaner’s Buffalo golf outing.


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