Ravens & Niners Models In Body Paint For Training Camp Kickoff


Finally, the NFL has returned. Veterans of both Super Bowl XLVII teams — the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers — are due in their respective training camps today. All players on all teams are due in camp by Saturday.

To celebrate the return of football — and the hopeful end of this dreadfully boring news cycle — we thought you might like to see the work of body painter Jamie Delawder just prior to the Super Bowl in February. Delawder painted models Tiffany Henschel and Lynette Haynie in Colin Kapernick and Ray Lewis jerseys respectively for a segment airing on Fox 45 in Baltimore prior to the big game.

The Fox host suggested women in the audience might try body paint at home. Never happen. No way.

The NFL Network started its 2013 camp coverage with “Inside Training Camp” this morning. The show will air each day from July 24 through Aug. 8 from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. (ET).

[H/T: DrawinAttention and Brian Landis Photography]

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