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Kate Upton In Wedding Bikini [PHOTOS]

Kate Upton Wedding Bikini 1

Kate Upton in a bikini can perk up even the most boring summer day (today, for instance). Upton’s fellow Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen tweeted out the Instagram pic above of Upton “looking gorgeous (per usual) on set in one of my @BeachBunnySwim bridal swimsuits!”

Upton is putting in the time on the shoot, too:

There’s been this ridiculous hating on Upton recently for not being as scarily thin as some other models, but here’s the real talk: Upton is still in the top 5 on a list of people you’d want to see wear a bikini as a wedding dress. The pic proves it.

We don’t know which MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL player will eventually land Upton, but they’ll be a lucky guy.

[H/T:; @KateUpton]

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