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Hot Florida State Chick Lauren Hanley, RG3 & Dan Bro Out, Plus Mack Brown With Cheerleaders

Terrible, if true, college football news of the day has to be that out of Middle Tennessee State where police say a football player choked his ex-girlfriend and teammates taped the assault. The same guy is also accused of choking the woman until she gave him money for pot.

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OMG: Hottest Florida State Coed of ’13

RG3 & Dan Snyder bro out at dinner

HOLY SH*T! Bas Rutten next to Amazon woman

Mack Brown smiles w/cheerleaders at media day

The 9 Players At Every NFL Training Camp

Trust me: Xenia Deli in more swimwear

Irina Shayk in tight black leather

Brazilian of the Day: Ana Paula Coelho

AAAstros Defensive GIF of the Day


Bacon Porn of the Day

Picture 2

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