Devin Hester & Chris Johnson Vs. Cheetah In Foot Race: Who You Got?



A cheetah runs 70 mph. Devin Hester ran a 4.24 at the NFL Combine before his rookie season in 2006. He’s now 30. Chris Johnson, 27 is in the same range as Hester. So we all know which of the three is the fastest, right?

Of course not. You need to see Hester and Johnson race a cheetah on National Geographic.

According to

“We loved the idea of a face-off like no other between supreme athletes and an alpha predator,” said Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager of Nat Geo Wild. “This isn’t sports, it’s amazing science. … And we are thrilled that Johnson and Hester — two record-setting NFL pros — are helping to kick off this unprecedented experiment during our network’s biggest week of the year.”

“The whole idea of racing next to a cheetah for Nat Geo Wild was a very unusual proposition,” said Hester of the Chicago Bears. “But it was something I was ready to take on to see if I could get an edge on.”

The show will air in November.

I hate to ruin the suspense, but Usain Bolt already raced a cheetah and got smoked. But, if you want to watch and waste a night in November hoping a human can smoke a cheetah, be my guest.

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