Hottest Small Market MLB Superfans – Twins Fan Megan Retzlaff

Hottest MLB Superfans – Twins Fan Megan Retzlaff

You guys always bitch about the lack of hot MLB chicks from small market teams so we asked our old friend Megan Retzlaff (Miss Coed 2013) if she had any shots in her Twins gear. Two minutes later I had a photo of her in a Twins shirt.

Retzlaff (@MeganRetzlaff) became better known to most of you via her Minnesota Wild selfies during the NHL playoffs. Hell yes we’ll be working on her to do a Twins selfie shoot. When your team is 11 games out of 1st and just finishing off the season, nothing eases the pain like a nice selfie gallery and/or Vikings football.

We’ll see what she says.

Do you know a “Hottest Small Market MLB Superfan” candidate? Send in suggestions & she better be hot.


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