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Frank Beamer Bros Out In ACC Media Day Photo Booth [PHOTOS]


Frank Beamer is 66, which means he has a hard time selling himself to 16-17 & 18-year-old high school football players who want a coach who can relate to their life struggles.

Frank needs to pull out all the tricks in the book including wearing a lei and a viking hat in the ACC media day photo booth (via D.C. Sports Bog).

Frank wasn’t the only coach bro-ing out. Check out Dabo Swinney below. That guy is only 43 and still has South Carolina bangs to impress the teens. He’s not struggling at the off the field game like Beams.

Kudos to the person at the ACC (@theACCDN) who came up with the photo booth idea. You deserve a raise, or a paying job if you’re an intern.



Dabo Swinney Photo Booth


Jimbo Fisher:

Picture 2


Al Golden:

Al Golden Photo Booth


Bonus – Tajh Boyd:

Picture 4

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