Brewers Superfan Front Row Amy Struggling With Ryan Braun News



She was one of his biggest supporters through the whole PED process.

Brewers superfan Front Row Amy Williams (@FrontRowAmy) never swayed in her belief that MLB investigators were wrongfully targeting Brauny. Until last night.

Now, with egg on her face, Front Row Amy is lashing out at those who can’t believe she backed the Braun fraud through it all.

Front Row Braun 1


Front Row Braun 2


Front Row Braun 3


It’s always sad when a woman with giant implants is fooled by a guy she thought was clean. Will she ever be the same? Will she ever be able to forgive Braun for hurting Brewers fans? Do women with implants even care that Braun was on PEDs?

All pressing questions that hopefully Buster Olney can get to the bottom of on Baseball Tonight.