Ohio State Locker Room Billboard: ‘Treat Women With Respect’



Nope, that’s not a Photoshop job.

“Treat women with respect” really is on the wall in the Ohio State locker room. That’s an odd thing to see today considering what police allege happened early Saturday morning at a Columbus bar. Cops say starting running back Carlos Hyde assaulted a woman at Sugar Bar 2. He’s already been dismissed from the team.

In what world do college football players need to be reminded to treat women with respect? We know this is on the wall at Ohio State and Louisville, according to photos posted on Twitter by quarterback guru George Whitfield (Johnny Manziel’s guru) who happened to be in the locker rooms back in June.

Interestingly, treat women with respect isn’t even #1 on the list at Louisville.


Remember the days when “Just win baby,” or “Dedication,” or “This is Buckeyes country” was the norm? What does it say when we need to subliminally remind 18-22 year olds to not assault or hurt women?

Ohio State just went through a rape investigation in March that centered on “multiple” players.

Documents stated that when the two were alone, she said they began to “fool around,” and the other player appeared and said, “let me get in on this.”

The woman told investigators that the other player started touching her and made her to perform a sex act on him. She told investigators that she pushed him away and left.

The player in question told a different story.

Among those differences, the search warrant states he told a detective he returned back to his dorm that night with just the alleged victim and no one else. He said the woman jumped on top of him and “started to kiss him.”

But then he said he started having second thoughts because of a girlfriend back home, documents stated. He stated that he left the room and when he returned, he found the other player and the woman engaging in a sex act in the other player’s bed.

Then there is the case of one-time OSU wide receiver recruit Roger Lewis, who will go back to court in September for a rape case retrial. It’s noted that Lewis never made it to the Ohio State campus.

Mistreatment of women isn’t new to Urban Meyer guys.

The Orlando Sentinel has a complete list of players arrested at Florida while Meyer was the head coach. You might remember Gary Brown allegedly slapped around a couple girls. Or how Chris Rainey was arrested for stalking a woman and allegedly telling her “Time to die.” Or Carl Johnson allegedly date raping a woman three times.

It seems the signs aren’t doing their jobs.


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