Buster Olney: Ryan Braun “Should Apologize” To People Who Ate At Restaurant


By now you know that Ryan Braun admitted to PED use and will be suspended the rest of a meaningless season. He won’t be paid somewhere around $3.5 million, but will still be owed around $100 million over the rest of his contract with the Brewers.

Blah, blah, blah.

How about we get to what really matters in this case – apologies.

Buster Olney’s list of those deserving apologies is growing by the minute and includes the people who purchased food at Braun’s Milwaukee restaurant, Graffito.


Um, I’m not really sure, but Olney is on a roll so let him go.

Buster, do you think Ryan should apologize to his lingerie model fiancee, Larisa Fraser, who professes to a clean lifestyle? She has to be devastated that her future husband, who’ll make her an instant millionaire is a fraud.

Um, I’m guessing she’s not.

Besides 60-some meaningless games, what has Braun really lost here? He’s a winner.

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