Jerry Jones Loves Him Some Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders [PHOTOS]


Jerry Jones Cheerleader Smiling
Jerry Jones is obviously in mid-season form. The Dallas Cowboys‘ maverick owner was at the opening of his team’s training camp in Oxnard, Calif. on Sunday afternoon. Eagle-eyed Twitter user Mike Taddow (@taddmike) caught Jones enjoying the Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders’ camp-opening routine.

Look at him — like Gollum in a blue-star hat. The NFL needs the Cowboys to be competitive just so we can get more moments like this unintentional photobomb from Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys cheerleaders warmed up for Sunday’s sticky opening festivities by hosting a cheerleading camp at Pacifica High School in Oxnard on Saturday. More than 250 campers showed up to learn how to become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

We’re betting there were a disproportionate amount of dads on hand to “support their daughters” like, say 500.

[H/T: @DCCheerleaders]

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