Tom Waddle Selling $4 Million House With Brutal Basement [PHOTOS]



We’ve documented Athlete Real Estate basement disasters and then we laid our eyes on what’s going on below ground at the 8,100 sq. ft. house Tom Waddle is trying to sell for $4 million.

You’re familiar with Waddle (@TWaddle87) from his days playing wide receiver for the Bears and his work on ESPN 1000 in Chicago. How this guy is living in a $4 million spread with six bedrooms is beyond my comprehension. Either (a.) ESPN Chicago pays f-you money, or (b.) Waddle saved every penny of the f-you money he made in the NFL, or (c.) Waddle came into a giant pile of f-you money.

The only issue we have with Wads is that he let his wife interior design his basement. There’s a half-assed theater, half-assed billiards zone, a half-assed gathering area and half-assed bar area.

Rich athletes: never let your chick design the basement. He doesn’t even have a 70-in. LED in that gathering area. Fail.

Tell her to stick to the top two stories and you’ll worry about everything below the dirt.

Highlights of Tom Waddle’s House With A Horrible Basement:

• 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms

• Lots of grass to have cut

• Orange carpet in workout room?

• Close to golf course

27 miles from Heavenly Bodies strip club

9.5 miles from Whole Foods

Asking: $3,995,000

Mortgage: $20,000 base before taxes, landscapers, basement designer

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