Brian Scalabrine Wrestles With Midget At Minor League Game [VIDEO]


Red-headed former Celtics bench hero Brian Scalabrine was last seen by Boston-area fans as an analyst on CSNNE. Though he’s rumored to be headed to Golden State to serve as an assistant coach with the Warriors, Scalabrine is making the most of his summer by wrestling Leprechauns at minor league baseball games.

Scalabrine grappled with his diminutive foes during the Lowell Spinners’ “Irish Night” at LeLacheur Park last Friday. The Spinners also used Scalabrine as the game’s public address announcer.

Bet that NBA bench looks damn inviting now, eh Scal?

Professional wrestler isn’t the worst future career path for Scalabrine. The White Mamba gimmick is a hell of a lot better than some things that have graced WWE rings. In fact, a feud between Scalabrine and Matt Bonner (“Red Mamba”) could be damn entertaining. ‘Sheed could be a guest referee.


[H/T: Cut4]

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