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Michael Phelps & Win McMurry Dating, At ESPYs [PHOTOS]


I called Michael Phelps and Golf Channel chick Win McMurry dating way back in May when the swimmer caddied for the golfer at some pro-am. There was McMurry last night at the ESPYs using some sort of MMA arm bar on Phelps to show that this isn’t just some friendship +1 thing.

@WinMcMurryGC has been pretty quiet about this relationship on Twitter where she was acting like a giddy school girl in May when Phelps carried her bag.

According to her bio:

…is an award-winning on-air host, reporter, producer, model and author. As “Special Ops” for the 24-hour network since 2010 assignments take her across the globe to report for Golf Central and Morning Drive, she hosts PGA Tour Primetime Thursday and Friday evenings, and also reports for the 24-hour network on original programming features and specials.

Blah, blah, blah…she’s the other hot chick on the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive (not Holly Sonders).

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