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Highest Paid Tight End In NFL (Gronk) Takes Train To New York

Why should you not worry that Gronk, the NFL’s highest paid tight end, going broke like so many other athletes? This guy has to be the cheapest bastard playing football. Sure, late in 2012 he paid $1,600,000 for a Tampa house, but this guy will then take a train to New York City.

According to @KevDol, that’s Gronk (above) yesterday on his way to NYC from what we assume was the Boston area.

And wearing a Zubaz hat that Zubaz sent to him. And a t-shirt that was also probably given to him.

Could he have helicoptered into the city? Yep. Could he have taken a quick flight? Of course. Could he have car service take him in? Uh huh.


But this is what’s great with this guy and why we can’t get enough of his antics. Man of the people.

And then he was spotted last night bro-ing out on the streets of Manhattan sorta getting his “Summer of Gronk” on. With training camp so close, Gronk will need to turn in a powerful 10 days or else this summer will be over and he’ll be answering media questions about Aaron Hernandez.


Looks like it was a one night deal.

Picture 1

Picture 2

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