Gronk Isn’t Amused By CBS Asking Aaron Hernandez Question


The Gronk bros are busy pushing a book, Growing Up Gronk, and are making the network rounds that are required of any literary family trying to sell hardbacks.

Rob and his fellow bros figured they were doing a fluff set with CBS This Morning when the “reporter,” Don Dahler went investigative reporter and wanted Rob’s reaction to Aaron Hernandez (allegedly) putting a bullet into a punk.

A “next question” didn’t get the job done so Don went after Papa Gronk with his line of questioning. Wrong move, Dahler bro.

And how about Dahler. This guy doesn’t even have a Twitter or Insty account. Another wrong move, reporter bro. There’s no better way to get on a Gronk’s good side like trading pics of beeramids or slutty chicks.