Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Put On Amazing Show At AA Baseball Game

How do you sell tickets to a Double-A baseball game in Harrisburg in the middle of July when it’s like 100-degrees at the first pitch? Call up the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and tell them you need a dozen ladies to dance between innings.

That’s exactly what happened last night at the Washington Nationals affiliate’s game.

The downside of the Cowboys cheerleaders playing at your ballpark if you’re a baseball fan & could care less about beautiful Texan ladies dancing? Harrisburg and New Britain played a 3 hour 29 minute game.

As for how the locals handled having the Cowboys in town, the Patriot-News reports:

The world-famous squad entertained the crowd between innings and then met with fans later in the evening. Several in attendance wore their Cowboy colors, although a faint E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles chant could be heard in the distance.

Notice how the Senators didn’t hire the Eagles cheerleaders. Go figure.