D-Bag Rick Reilly Living Out His Cheerleader Fantasy

D-Bag Rick Reilly Living Out His Cheerleader Fantasy

Rick Reilly gets paid $3 million a year to write shit that men just don’t care about anymore. Sure, when he was writing the back column in Sports Illustrated, you cared. That was also before the internet was the internet and Twitter.

In other words, Rick Reilly is a washed up slugger whose contract ESPN would like to void, but can’t unless they eat the costs. So they let him continue to write stupid shit and do TV now and then that’s always stupid.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Rick is spending his day with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders where he’s acting like a fool.

Our friend ‏@DCC_Brittney tweeted:

Silly moment captured: getting interviewed by @ReillyRick with @DCC_Jackie. #goofingoff #thisguy #hilarity


Again, this is the kind of shit coming out of this guy. $3 million! Notice the date.

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