Courtney Force Gets Mr. Belding’s Heart Racing At ESPN Party [PHOTOS]

Courtney Force MR Belding LEAD

Drag racing queen Courtney Force has been the break out star of ESPN The Magazine’s 2013 “Body Issue.” Who knew a nation of horn dogs appreciates hot blondes who drive in excess of 285 mph?

Among those horn dogs: Dennis Haskins, whom you know as Mr. Belding of “Saved By The Bell” fame/infamy. Belding went full throttle on Force at last night’s ESPN Body Issue party at Lure in Hollywood on Tuesday.

@mrbelding: @CourtneyForce and I at @ESPY2013 #BODY party! #Varoommm” nice meeting u!! #savedbythebell

— Courtney Force (@courtneyforce) July 17, 2013

Wow. Belding looks like a water balloon that is ready to pop. Any bets that his systolic number is close to Force’s avg. miles per hour?

If ESPN had any sense, they’d give Belding a bottle of whiskey and send him to the dais on the ESPYs for five minutes Wednesday night. Or, hell, they should give him his own show. Won’t happen, though. Expect more back-slapping from the same old boring faces. So sad.

[H/T: @mrbelding; @courtneyforce]