Ron Zook Works At A Bank [PHOTO]


This isn’t a joke compared to Ron Zook’s tenure as coach of the Illinois football team (34-51).

Zooker is now the Business Development Officer at Gateway Bank of Florida, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Only Ron Zook hasn’t coached a down of football since being fired by Illinois at the end of the 2011 regular season. These days, he can be found in and around Ocala, Fla., trying to drum up business for a local bank. Zook, 59, is a ­shareholder and the bank’s community relations/business development officer.

He also received a $2.6 million buyout from Illinois so he’s not hurting for spending cash.

Want to talk football or ask Ron about sinking some money into the bank?

Email him:

[Chicago Sun-Times]     [HT: @BunkiePerkins]

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