Anne V, Matt Harvey’s Model Girlfriend, Came Back From Africa To See All-Star Game [PHOTOS]

Anne V Matt Harvey Parade

Mets’ ace Matt Harvey will start the 2013 MLB All-Star Game Tuesday night at his home park. He has dazzled at Citi Field this season with a 2.21 ERA and 89Ks in 77.1 IP. The only person more dazzling than Harvey on the nights he’s pitched? His supermodel girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna (aka Anne V because spelling Vyalitsyna is hard).

Anne V has become a regular at Harvey’s starts, but she could have missed the biggest one of his career to date. Last week, Anne V was in Africa, working with RED to fight the spread of AIDS, malaria and other diseases (meanwhile you were at BW3 asking for more blue cheese). Her last Tweet/Instagram came on Saturday.

Given the distance and difficulty of travel, Anne V wasn’t a lock to make it to the game, but she was made the parade this afternoon, and she should get plenty of attention tonight.

You have to think that the Fox cameras will seek Anne V out for her Katherine Webb moment in the first two innings. Any bets on who drools over her first: Joe Buck, Tim McCarver or Ken Rosenthal?

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