Greg Oden Does LeBron James Pose With Bikini Girls



I’m pretty much speechless this afternoon with the “Greg Oden Bar Watch” update. It seems that Greg spent his day at Elly Bay, a swim-up pool bar atĀ Flannagan’s Dublin, a Columbus establishment that looks like it’s next to a strip mall.

Elly Bay ( @elly_bay) claims to be the only swim-up bar in Columbus. Take note, Ohio State business majors.

As for what Odes was up to, he was just goofing and being an unemployed 7-footer who likes a good swim-up pool party.

Then Odes did this for the camera (via @ZBeebe_LS):


How old is the girl by Greg’s left hand? 16?

As for Elly Bay, It’s like going to Vegas without dealing with the dry heat and resort fees. Hope everyone has their shots.


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