Chris Davis’ Wife, Jill, Beefs With PED Accusers On Twitter [PHOTOS]



Twitter users — and haters — never disappoint. Orioles fans have heard from Yankees, Tigers and other teams’ fans for weeks how slugging Birds’ first baseman Chris Davis must be doing “something extra” to hit an American League record-tying 37 home runs by the all-star break.

Even though Davis has addressed and refuted the steroid charges, the troll-y social media users have continued to accuse him. Sometime over the weekend, Davis shuttered his Twitter profile: @ChrisDavis_19.

Fear not, however, because his knockout wife, Jill Davis, is chiming in on Twitter and handing the skeptics their ass, especially a Miggy Cabrera apologist.

How about that? Beautiful and feisty. We mentioned previously that Jill Davis is a former Oklahoma cheerleader. She’s probably heard worse trash talk from Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma State fans.

Davis’ recent struggles at the plate (.200 BA in July) and departure from Twitter hint that all of the external pressures might be wearing him down. Regardless, he’s the odds-on favorite to win Monday night’s Home Run Derby at Citi Field in New York. It starts at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

[H/T: @_Mrs_Davis]

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