Playboy Wants To Know Why Your School Is Best Party School [PHOTOS]


Playboy Party Schools Colorado
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, bro: your school crushed it at parties. Do you even funnel, bro? Unless your school merits a mention as one of Playboy’s Top Party Schools, it’s hard to take you seriously.

Playboy compiles an annual list of the top party schools in the country; the University of Virginia won last year. Every year, people either complain that their school isn’t ranked high enough (or isn’t ranked at all).

In 2013, Playboy is asking for your help. It wants current students and alumni to send stories and pictures supporting their school’s candidacy. You can rep your school in three ways:

• Share, like and comment on Facebook.

• Send pictures, video and stories to @Playboy on Twitter.

• Upload pictures to Instagram.

Use #PlayboyPartySchool as the tag on all the platforms. You can hashtag, right bro? The best photos and stories will make it into the October issue alongside the rankings.

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