Michelle Jenneke’s Boobs Nearly Hurdle Out Of Her Bikini [PHOTOS]


Michelle Jenneke Bikini LEAD
After dominating the 2012 Summer Olympics without ever making it to London, Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke is still on pace to compete for the 2016 Summer Games in Rio. No one really cares if Jenneke wins, as long as she does the pre-race routine that made her famous.

After having hamstring problems earlier this year, Jenneke is back on the track. She’s also keeping up the look that helped land her in the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

The Big Lead caught the Aussie hurdler’s Instagram pic featuring her sunning herself in Queensland. As you can see, Jenneke is staying in nearly perfect shape for any upcoming races.

[@MJenneke93; Instagram.com/mjenneke93]

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