Totally Whipped Dude Makes Rose Bowl Marriage Proposal [VIDEO]


Just like the often crappy weddings that follow them, marriage proposals are all about the one-upping. Well, a California man just used the field of the Rose Bowl and a helicopter to “pop the question,” so your idea probably needs more work, dude.

After 10 years of dating, David Carrido proposed to his girlfriend, Jennifer Clarke, by using rolls of paper to form words on the field of the Rose Bowl. Carrido then chartered a sightseeing flight over the Pasadena, Calif. stadium. Watch the magic happen in the video above.

Not to be that guy, but:

1 – Landscape mode. Turn the phone. We missed her initial reaction. You’ll never get it back.

2 – There’s clearly no question mark. (Your mother-in-law will bring shit like this up throughout your entire marriage, Carrido.)

3 – Ten years? Are you sure you aren’t rushing into things?

The ABC News story explained that Rose Bowl officials made Carrido jump through hoops to get approval. The event planner Carrido hired had to use “…500 sandwich bags filled with sand to hold down the paper because Rose Bowl officials did not want spikes in the field.” Carrido also had to arrange a helicopter ride after the plane he chartered was grounded by the weather.

Forget romance, maybe fate was trying to intervene. Trust us: if there’s one argument over table assignments or flatware, bail.

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