Mike Trout Lived In His Parents’ Basement Last Winter



After his monster rookie season in 2012, Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout finished second to Detroit Tigers’ Triple Crown-winning third baseman Miguel Cabrera in the American League MVP voting.

It would figure that the 21 year-old Trout spent his off-season someplace glamorous where he could bask in the afterglow of his A.L. Rookie of the Year Award and his promising future.

Not exactly, according to Philadelphia magazine:

…As Trout’s star has ascended, he’s shared a sliver of the national spotlight with Millville, New Jersey, the working-class town near the Jersey Shore that he still calls home. (The All-Star spent the winter in his parents’ basement.)…

Damn near won the RoY and MVP and he gets a pull-out couch, a mini-fridge and a curfew in the Jerz? Wow. Hopefully he made it rain at Cheerleaders at least one of those nights. Surely GF Jessica Tara Cox would look the other way.

This is why we love Gronk, Johnny Manziel, Patrick Kane, etc. Those guys aren’t about this “stay humble” crap; grab the Henny and get on the G-6.

The article details how the residents of Millville stay up late to watch Trout play games on the West Coast, and how the mayor’s 88-year-old mom wanted to leave the hospital she had been admitted to after finding out it didn’t have the MLB package. Seriously.

Trout has continued his success into 2013, landing a starting spot on the American League all-star team and hitting .315 with 15 HRs in the first-half. A lifelong Phillies fan, he will be a free agent in 2018 if he doesn’t sign an extension before then.

Phils’ fans are probably counting down the days. Somebody DM Trouty number of a Rittenhouse realtor for this off-season.

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