Lingerie Footballer Danika Brace: ‘You Wish You Could F**k Me’



I’ve said it and will continue to say it, the Lingerie Football League is on a roll with its YouTube uploads. At this point I’ve lost track of all the great ones, but the LFL has outdone itself this time (via our friends at Guyism). They’ve made a supercut of Las Vegas Sin middle linebacker Danika Brace (@DanikaBrace) talking shit to opponents.

And that’s not just any shit-talk. Brace, recognized as one of the LFL’s best defensive players, actually told one opponent, “You wish you could f**k me.”

ESPY nomination, please?

I’ll also stand by my prediction that Fox Sports 1 and ESPN will get into a bidding war for LFL broadcasting rights. ESPN ratings are slipping and FS1 needs out of the box content that’ll intrigue men bored by baseball and endless NBA free agent news.


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