Derek Jeter Is Just Loving His Rehab Stint In Scranton [PHOTOS]

Jeter Scranton Full

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Look at that face. That is the face of a man who wants to be back in the Bronx right now.

Derek Jeter has been restoring his first-ballot intangibles with some rehab time at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. After The Captain played Saturday, Sunday and Monday, he had Tuesday off.

Perhaps tired of being stopped for pictures every few feet in Scranton, Jeets decided to spend his off-day in Pittston, a small city between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. Of course, every man, woman and child stampeded to him there, too.

Poor bastard couldn’t even get dinner without women clinging to his arm. Doesn’t look like he’s ready to hand out many gift baskets.

Our sources say that Jeter spent some of last night at a sports bar on Green Ridge Street in Scranton. We’re betting he made a call to Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman, too. The conversation may have sounded like this:

DJ: “Cash? Cash! You gotta get me out of here, Cash. You hear me, Cash?”

BC: “Oh, hey, Jeets. What’s up? How’s the ankle?”

DJ: “These people are driving me crazy, Cash. I have a suitcase full of Dunder-Mifflin shirts already. They had me autographing tomatoes today. I’m ready, Cash. I swear.”

BC: “I dunno. Doc seems to think you need more time. Your swing isn’t there, yet.”

DJ: ” C’mon, Cash. Please. They serve pizza everywhere here, Cash. Trenton. I’ll go to Trenton. Cash. Seriously. Please.”

BC: “Let me talk to the skipper and see.”

DJ: “Don’t screw me, Cash. Call me back…Cash…Cash!”

And what do you know…According to Craig Carton, Jeter will be back with the Yankees on Friday.

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