MMA Model Amber Nichole Miller Gets Sexy For UFC Calendar [PHOTOS]


Amber Nichole Miller 3
Poon-tastic calendars are just another example of what makes America great. Forget your damn iCal and its cross-platform functionality: those little touch-screen blocks will never take the place of a wall-mounted, bi-fold with a tight-bodied woman seductively holding court over rows of seven days.

Technology hasn’t affected Amber Nichole Miller‘s appeal one bit. She posed for a UFC calendar shoot in San Diego on Monday, as you can see in the pic above. You may remember Miller from appearances in Muscle and Fitness, GQ and Maxim.

We’re not sure if this new UFC calendar features any women other than Miller, but based on the photos below, we’re certain she could strike at least one sexy pose for each month of the year.

[@ufcambernichole | Instagram]

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