Marisa Miller Is Back, Shows Off Rack In Sports-Themed ‘R.I.P.D.’ Ad [VIDEO]


You really don’t see enough of Marisa Miller anymore, do you? Thankfully, the Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret model has a significant part in “R.I.P.D.” the new action comedy that debuts July 19.

In the film, Miller stars as the avatar of Jeff Bridges’ dead character. She teams with Ryan Reynolds (whose avatar is an old Chinese dude) to capture dead people living on Earth and bring them to justice. Great concept. Maybe they should have called it “D.O.A.”

Whatever. Miller will look great; Reynolds will be suave; Bridges will be grizzled and your popcorn will cost at least $6. Deal with it.

In the new promo spot above, Bridges chooses Miller to be his avatar after passing on Chargers’ tight end Antonio Gates, Bulls’ center Joakim Noah, former USC quarterback Matt Leinart and Wizards’ guard John Wall. All-stars galore right there. How about poor Gates getting lumped in with those guys? This is what happens when Gronk steals your mojo.

[H/T:DC Sports Bog]

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