Fox Sports Girl Of The Week: Kaylin

Fox Sports Girl Kaylin

Kaylin, the Fox Sports Girl of the Week, remembers the 1991 World Series quite well even though she was just five and in the middle of a frenzy.

“I was 5 years old when they took the title in Game 7 against the Braves. I think I remember the reaction of my dad & grandpa more than anything. I still have my homer hankie from that game,” Kaylin said.

Flash-forward 22 years and Kaylin is now working for her favorite franchise and talking baseball for a living. She will be joining her fellow Fox Sports North Girls this week in New York for all-star game preparation, a wiffleball game outside Fox Sports’ New York headquarters and Twins-Yankees baseball.

As for a repeat of 1991, Kaylin is ready.

“It’s the fans in MN that make the Twins what they are, and I can’t wait for the day a World Series title comes back to Minneapolis for our Twins.”

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Who is your favorite athlete?

Past: Kirby Puckett

Current: Mauer; gotta go with the hometown guy & six time all-star game catcher.

What is your fondest sports memory?

Every Independence Day growing up, my family & I would spend the evening at the St. Paul Saints games. We tailgated, which meant for us kids, running around the tailgating lot, playing wiffleball and just generally being crazy kids.

Then the game would get underway, we’d watch anxiously awaiting the next fly ball to come our way, gloves in hand. And as darkness settled over Saints Stadium a phenomenal fireworks show would kick off. A great family tradition I’ll never forget.

What sport would you play professionally if you could, and why?

Baseball for the Minnesota Twins! Bob, my dad taught me everything I know in sports, he literally coached me from the time I could walk to high school, and being that he has a baseball background, I think on some level I picked up some baseball tendencies. Just ask the girls who hit my mean slow-pitch slider.

What’s your earliest memory of being a Twins fan?

The 1991 Twins World Series win. I was 5 years old when they took the title in Game 7 against the Braves. I think I remember the reaction of my Dad & Grandpa more than anything, I still have my homer hankie from that game.

What’s the coolest assignment you’ve worked as a Fox Sports Girl?

I’d probably have to say the Daytona 500. I had never been to a race before, and I got to meet and experience a whole different genre of sports fans! The racing community sure does know how to support and celebrate their teams! It was a great experience in Daytona, and the fact that I was voted to go there by the fans was that much more special for me.

What would mean more to Minneapolis these days? A Super Bowl title or another World Series ring?

As the resident Twins junkie of the FOX Sports North Girls, I would have to say a World Series win would mean a tremendous amount to MN sports fans. Not only is MN home to the best stadium in the country (my opinion) Target Field, but the people who fill those stands bleed Twins pride. Not many teams would have nearly completely filled seats on an April evening where it was 30 degrees and snowing…Target Field did, this year in fact, I was there.

We have a beautiful ballpark and a team that has the support of thousands standing behind them, through every up and down. It’s the fans in MN that make the Twins what they are, and I can’t wait for the day a World Series title comes back to Minneapolis for our Twins.

Ever eat the walleye sandwich at Target Field? Any good?

Nope, not a fish person. I know, I know, in the land of 10,000+ lakes, not a fish person? BUT, if you’re interested in deep fried pickles, amazing mini doughnuts or of course the staple stadium items, hotdogs and corndogs, I’m the gal to talk to!

Say you were building a new baseball stadium and you could put in a novelty item, what element would you include in your design?

A place for kids, or big kids (i.e. myself, Jenny and Angie your other FOX Sports North Girls) to play wiffleball games before and after the games! Batting coaches could be on hand from time to time to help kids get their stance looking right, while getting them interested in the game! I heard we’ll be playing wiffleball outside the FOX Sports headquarters in New York to promote FOX Sports 1 so a little practice would have been great!

Who is one player from the Twins that is a must-follow on Twitter?

Glen Perkins.

He is heading to the ASG alongside Mauer for the Twins this year, but he’s also just a stand-up guy. As a Twins closer, he has a lot of pressure on him to perform. But despite that, he still finds time to respond to tweets, comment on photo’s others have tweeted at him, and even giveaway tickets and other items when a story or interaction strikes him. I have repeatedly viewed tweets from him saying things like “I am so humbled by all the comments” and  “I did it for you MN, I am #OneofYou.”

Things like that humanize athletes in my mind, and it makes me feel good, to support a team full of like minded, down to earth people, @glen_perkins is a must follow in my mind.

More obnoxious fans that visit Target: Yankees or White Sox?

I’ve got to say Yankees, only because I’m slightly unnerved that the Twins haven’t been able to win a series against them since 2007. Lucky for me, the Twins will be playing the Yankees this week when I am in New York for the All-Star Game, so I get to turn the tables and be the slightly obnoxious Twins fan surrounded by Yankees supporters!

What is Ron Gardenhire hiding in those cheeks of his?

Lots of wisdom.

Gardenhire without a doubt knows his baseball! But I’m guessing there are a few choice words of a different kind hidden in those cheeks as well! That man reminds me of my sweet, loving uncle, but if you’ve ever seen him get ejected from a game, all bets are off, Gardenhire is PASSIONATE about his team to say the least!