Anna Kournikova’s Dogs Have A Great Life




Imagine living a life as Anna Kournikova’s dog. Say you’re an 8-week old German Shepherd and there are these people who take you from your mother and promise to give you a good life. At first you’re skeptical because you’re still just 8-weeks old and these humans stole you away from mom.

Then the car pulls up to a 10,000 sq. ft. Miami mansion, they get you out and walk you into an air conditioned paradise with cool Italian marble, air conditioning vents to lay on all around the house and views to admire. And she feeds you the best food sold at Whole Foods.

Then, a little later in life, you realize your owner(s) have crazy toys like nice boats that you get to ride on and catch some breeze. You get to smell the saltwater. You get to watch the tropical birds. You get to go for a relaxing swim. You get to retrieve toys in the surf.

You hit the dog life lottery.


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