18-Year-Old Cartier Hebert To Dance For Boston Celtics [PHOTOS]

The NBA may need a one-and-done rule for its dance teams, too. The Boston Celtics recently held auditions for new dancers. Once the spandex had finally snapped back into place, the C’s selected their 2013-14 dance squad, including 18-year-old Cartier LaFalaise Hebert, who has altered her college plans to join the team.

After graduating Auburn, Mass. H.S. earlier in June, Hebert was headed for UMass Amherst when fate intervened. Hebert, her million-dollar name and her barely-legal rack auditioned on June 22 and…

“I didn’t think at all I would make it,” Ms. Hebert said. “I actually messed up in one of the jazz routines. But they called my name and I made the team…This time last week I had no clue…This is like a dream come true.”

That’s some Rocky Balboa-shit right there.

Of course, Hebert now has to move to Boston, which means she can’t take classes on campus at Amherst. So, the 18-year-old told her family she might just move in with another dance team member in Boston and take online courses.  OMG — INBD, mom & dad. Plz.

This should all work out very well. Most 18-year-olds are more than well-adjusted enough to move into an apartment right out of high school and handle being around NBA players, right?

Maybe we should fund a Kickstarter to send a truckload of Xanax to Hebert’s dad?

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