Check Out The Line To Exchange Aaron Hernandez Jerseys At Pats Pro Shop [VIDEO]

Hernandez Jersey Line

For Patriots’ fans, the jury is in on Aaron Hernandez. From the looks of the photos posted by Boston College sports editor Austin Tedesco, nearly 100 fans lined up outside the Patriots’ Pro Shop at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. on Saturday afternoon to ditch their jerseys of Hernandez, the former Patriots’ tight end who is facing a murder charge.

The Pats gave fans with Hernandez jerseys a ticket to exchange the item for the jersey of another player. Of course, you know whose jersey the fans want:

See, Gronk may have spent the last few years crushing a lot of things, but the only thing he’s ever really “killed” is a game of beer pong and some brain cells.

[H/T: @TedescoHeights]