Grilling A Dwight Howard Jersey, ESPN Sources Strike Again & A Must-See Rockets Fan

morning twitpics

It seems the Dwight Howard free agency drama is over. I was going to sit at home last night and wait for Dwight’s big decision and then I realized that there is a pool at BC HQ and there is this thing called dinner that is much more important than this moron picking a team to play for.

Shame on those of you who burned a summer Friday night waiting for the decision. You guys really need to get your asses out of the house and chase some poon.

Then I’ll get a tweet from this guy.

“Bro, I was checking Twitter at the bar to see his decision.”

And this is why so many of you aren’t getting laid. Put the phone away, turn on ESPN in the morning and you’ll see what team Dwight chose. Let’s start being men instead of douchebags who care about NBA free agency. You’ll feel better about yourself.