Yankees Sideline Reporter Meredith Marakovits Shows Off Rap Skills On 4th [VIDEO]


It’s a good thing that New York Yankees sideline reporter Meredith Marakovits is a good sport. A native of sort-of suburban Philadelphia who once worked the Sixers’ sidelines for CSNPhilly, Marakovits
humored the YES Network’s lunkheaded pre-game hosts by performing Will Smith’s “Fresh Prince” rap on command prior to the Yankees-Twins game on Thursday. Watch her in the video above.

YES came up with the idea because Royals relief pitcher Will Smith won a game against the Indians the day before “Independence Day.”… Wait..WHAT! Here’s that idea in an equation:

Royals’ P Will Smith Wins On July 3 = Will Smith in “Independence Day” = Will Smith aka “The Fresh Prince” = Philadelphia = Suburban Philly Reporter Rapping

The production team couldn’t come up with something else Yankees-related on July 4? How about just playing the Gehrig speech or the end of Dave Righetti’s no-hitter on a loop until the game? God knows what they’ll have Marakovits doing after the all-star break.

[H/T: Cut 4; @m_marakovits and Facebook.com/YESMarakovits]

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