Sad: Manny Ramirez’s Dreadlocks In A Trash Bag



One of the stipulations for Manny Ramirez (career MLB earnings: $206,827,769) getting another shot in Major League Baseball with the Texas Rangers was that he had to cut his dreadlocks. The Rangers have an organization haircut rule, which Manny didn’t flinch at. Cut the hair.

The sad news is that those glorious dreads were thrown into a trash bag at some Dominican barbershop.

My Spanish isn’t the best so I’ll walk you through this with screencaps.



And then he showed up at Round Rock with dread sprouts. Manny has 555 MLB home runs so we’re left wondering if he really thinks 600 is manageable. Is he broke or does he just really need the game? Is it even possible for a 41-year-old guy to run through $206 million?

Picture 2

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