Forget Joey Chestnut, Former Broncos Cheerleader Renee Herlocker Won The Hot Dog Eating Contest [PHOTOS]


Renee Herlocker LEAD

Unless you like bad baseball or anonymous women playing in the Wimbledon semifinals, there wasn’t much sports-related programming worth watching on Independence Day other than the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. And, since Joey Chestnut had won six consecutive contest titles on the Coney Island boardwalk heading into Thursday, it wasn’t like there was any built-in drama there.

Thank god for former Denver Broncos cheerleader Renee Herlocker, who reprised her role as the eating contest’s sideline reporter for the third consecutive year. Between Herlocker’s interviews and the sports science graphics, the broadcast was almost fun.

Other than the hot dog eating contest, Herlocker’s resume includes E! News Now, Spike TV events and some Comic-Con features. She was also one of the Iron Man dancers at the beginning of “Iron Man 2.” (Don’t throw shade, dude; when’s the last time you hung out with Robert Downey Jr.? Thought so.)

If ESPN has any sense, they’ll get Herlocker onto a football field somewhere this fall.

By the way, of course Chestnut won AGAIN. He is basically the Bob Backlund of the hot dog eating contest at this point. Nathan’s needs an Iron Sheik/Hulk Hogan moment… hmmm, all kidding aside, you’d watch the hell out of Hulk Hogan and The Iron Sheik competing in a hot dog eating contest, wouldn’t you?

[H/T: TheSportsBank @reneeherlocker]

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