Alyssa Arce – Playboy’s Miss July 2013 – Plays F, Marry, Kill With Soccer Players [PHOTOS]


When your job description includes nude modeling, it helps if you’re comfortable being naked. Fortunately for men all over the world, Alyssa Arce, Playboy’s Miss July 2013, is very comfortable sans clothing.

“I have been modeling for a few years. I got into nude modeling over the past year or so; I found my niche,” Arce said from Los Angeles. “I’m very comfortable with my body.”

A 21-year-old native of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Arce (@MissAlyssaArce) worked with international modeling agencies Wilhelmina and Ford prior to Playboy. In addition to her sizzling pictorial in the most recent issue of Playboy, Arce recently shot with acclaimed photographer Terry Richardson, whose behavior is sometimes even more eccentric than his striking, quirky images.

“It was an amazing experience. Terry is an awesome photographer. His personality is unlike any I’ve ever seen. It was a sheer pleasure to work with him.”

Arce chatted with us about her home state, her love of racing and three of the best known soccer players in the world.

Has anyone in your home state of South Carolina seen the issue yet? Have they made a big deal out of it? Whose reaction to your photos has surprised you the most?
“My issue has definitely been seen in South Carolina. It was announced on Playboy TV last month that I’d be Miss July, and they found out….The strangest reaction has come from people from my high school. Girls in high school who I never got along with have sent me messages like “I’m so proud of you.’ Hmmm, that’s weird because I never got along with you in high school.”

What athletes have been hitting on you since being named Miss July?
“Since I’ve been named Miss July, not anyone.”

Guys are clueless. Is there an athlete you’d like to have flirt with you?
“It never hurts to have a pro athlete talk to you… Maybe Cristiano Ronaldo. I’d say David Beckham, but he’s married. Any soccer player, I guess.”

Do you root for South Carolina or Clemson?
“I was never into a lot of sports. I actually went into cheerleading to learn more about football. My first-ever football game was at Clemson, because I was dating a guy who went to Clemson at the time. And then, funny enough, my first-ever Carolina game was when I was dating a Carolina guy. Now it’s Gamecocks all the way!”

Your pictorial was shot at Willow Springs International Raceway in California. Are you a racing fan? Did you watch it growing up?
“It’s funny you should ask that. I had a mother who grew up in Southern culture, and the Clemson boy I mentioned was always trying to get me into NASCAR, but I’ve never been into NASCAR. Now, Formula One on the other hand, I really do like. The drivers have incredible skills. It’s exciting.”

You played soccer throughout high school. Were you ever sent off for any reason?
“I did get red-carded once. We were playing a rival high school, and this girl threw me to the ground. So, I got up and pushed her and got thrown out. …Other than that, I was always a fair player.”

We want you to play F, Marry Kill with David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.
“See, that’s just not fair! Those are three great players and good-looking guys…Can I just ‘F’ all of them? I’d probably have to marry David Beckham, because he seems like such a great husband and father… I can’t kill any of them.”

Would you rather attend the World Cup in Rio or all the races on the Formula One circuit next year? Why?
“Definitely the World Cup. It’s a dream of mine to see the World Cup, and I’d love to see how Brazil will host the tournament. It should be amazing.”

The July/August 2013 double issue of Playboy featuring Alyssa Arce as Miss July is on newsstands and now.


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