The 35-Pound Meat Stanley Cup [VIDEO]

All Meat Stanley Cup

You could do worse in life than being a meat sculptor. A barbecue club in Chicago re-created the Stanley Cup using only meat in honor of their hometown Blackhawks winning the NHL’s biggest prize.

The dudes at Man B Que used 35 pounds of bacon, ground beef, hot dogs and beer cheese — think Andy Reid’s lunch order — to create their all-meat tribute to the coveted hockey trophy. Man B Que did this with the Lombardi Trophy in February, too.

Once word of the all-meat Stanley Cup doppelganger got out, Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville had to get his picture taken with it. We’ll bet Q shows people the pic of the meat Stanley Cup before he shows them the real one.

Still, there is way too much admiring and not enough eating going on here. If you have 35 pounds of grilled meat in front of you, you should take no more than three pictures before you reach for a fork, knife and a jar of mustard.