Cubs Schedule Wrestling Mask Night On Girl Scout Night

Girl Scout Night At Wrigley

Leave it to the Cubs to once again prove that the franchise is a complete mess from ownership all the way down to the marketing intern who came up with Girl Scout Night on the same night as wrestling mask night.

As you can see above, the Cubs will be entertaining Girl Scouts on July 30.

It has now come to the attention that the same game will also be Lucha Libre Night in the bleachers. Thankfully for the Girl Scouts, bleacher creatures don’t have access to the grandstand. That doesn’t mean weirdos won’t be wearing these masks after the 7:05 game.

Seriously, this is happening. Darren Rovell confirms mask night.

Cubs giving Lucha Libre Masks to everyone in the Budweiser Bleachers for night game on 7/30

That also raises a question: Why have Girl Scout Night at 7:05 during the heat of the summer? Wasn’t there a 2:05 first pitch date available?

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