Lingerie Football Hit Of The Year Nominee: Ashley Salerno [VIDEO]


From the Lingerie Football League office:

If you have a weak stomach or your name is Roger Goodell, DO NOT press PLAY. This hit proves that old-school black-and-blue football is still alive. Los Angeles’ ‘stud’ Ashley Salerno who’s WOW clip earlier in the year showed her destroying Chicago’s Ali Alberts. This round, a Ronnie Lott-like hit in her role as Safety on Vegas’ rookie receiver Kelley Schroeder. Despite Salerno hitting with her shoulder not her helmet, Salerno was flagged following the play under the LFL’s ‘defenseless receiver rule’.

I’ve been saying it for at least 3-4 years – someone is going to get seriously hurt in the LFL. You might not have noticed, but LFL players are getting stronger, faster and hit harder by the year. Meanwhile, players are still wearing hockey helmets.

Then this happened in the same game to quarterback Nikki Johnson.

Picture 2

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